2016 Summer Wrap Up

My very first book released yesterday, school started back, and summer is slowly winding down. When I look back over the past few months, I have to wonder…WHERE THE HECK DID THE TIME GO?!?! No really, since April, the days and weeks have flown by at mach speed. I knew it would be a busy season, but I didn’t predict how busy or how quickly it’d pass.

To celebrate of the release of A MOMENT OF BLISS, my debut novel, I’d like to look back over late spring and summer. The excitement and chaos that brought me to this day. In April, I was still writing the third book in my  Honeywilde series, editing the first book, and moving. I lived in a constant state of, “What is happening? What even time is it?” Boxes everywhere, we were all exhausted. I wasn’t a fan, but we survived and now live in the neighborhood we always wanted.

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a box opener in sight.

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a box opener in sight.

In May, I went to see Jeanette and celebrate the national holiday of Captain America: Civil War. I taught a workshop at her chapter, she worked on my website and made it fabulous, and we spent the rest of the 3 day weekend wallowing in fangirl feels – exactly what I needed to recover from the big move. And there were bears. 🙂

stucky bears

Them Brooklyn Bears.

In June, I finished the last book in this contract and felt like a rock star. School was out, so I took a week off for staycation. There was much pool time and movie going, lake visiting, sleeping in and playing outside. The fam and I had so much fun, I’m taking another mini-staycation as I type this.


Lake Keowee, wheeeee!

July was HOT. Then it was hot, but after that it was hot. RWA in San Diego came mid month, and the trip to Cali was the best way to beat the southern heat. Not only did I learn a lot and make professional connections, I had FUN. The California coast is still unbelievable and gorgeous, and my friends are the bestest. When the conference goes back to San Francisco, I’ll be there!

san diego

The view from our hotel room. Whaaaa?

mcgovy in SD

I landed in a coastal paradise with a bunch of my writer friends and 0% humidity. Can you tell I’m happy about that?


The last day. Trek and Mai Tais, because why not?

Now it’s August, and time to promote the Honeywilde series that I love so much. It’s also time to get back in the routine of school, work, and home. Luckily, as much as I love summer, Autumn is my favorite. Like, I’m a little obsessed, but that’s okay.

I hope you all had a great summer. If you haven’t done so, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter. The very first edition will go out next week and subscribers get first peak at the cover for Honeywilde, Book 3, A TASTE OF TEMPTATION.

All the best,


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