February Favorites

It’s time for this month’s faves and I have some pretty strong feelings about the following. Let me just say, right off, winter is my least favorite season. I try to find joy in the little things to get me through until March. The items below have helped me survive the short days and, brrrr, the cold:

1.Parks and Recreation.


Yes, yes. I know I’m late to the party that is this show. I caught a few episodes one night in January, before Agent Carter, and it didn’t take long until I was hooked. Lucky for me, all past episodes are on Netflix. This show is hilarious, of course, but amid the giggles are some pretty blunt observations about society and politics. I lurrrve it!

2. Sushi. In particular, Sushi Murasaki in downtown Greenville.

I’m always in the mood for sushi. I could eat it every other day and never get tired of it. The different style rolls, nigiri, tataki. Bring on the raw fish!!! For the last 6 weeks, I’ve eaten at Murasaki once a week. I’m addicted and not afraid to admit it. *drools over picture* 

3. Besame lipstick and winged eyeliner.



We’ve sung the praises of this lipstick on twitter and at Bad Girlz Write, but this particular combo has been a go-to look for me this winter. With my sunless complexion, Red Velvet is like a siren. Woo-Woo! Here are my lips! And, what?! I LOVE a well done wing tip, but it takes practice. I prefer liquid pen eyeliner to gel, but no matter what you like, you can make the wing happen. Just takes a little patience and lots of practice. 😉

4. Working out and Charlie XCX.

220px-Charli_XCX_-_Break_the_RulesI take a late lunch, 3 days a week, and work out at they gym in my office. The added endorphins, along with actually getting up off my arse and moving around, have improved my usual winter blahs ten thousand fold. I look forward to working out! Mainly because I like the results in how I feel and how my clothes fit, but also because I have some kick ass workout mixes. This young lady dominates the lists too. Her sound is a little throw back 80s, some house and rave sounds, and a heavy helping of pop. She makes me move! Plus, look at her. I dig that style.


  1. Great list of faves! I REALLY need to get me some of that lipstick…*placing order*

  2. Love Parks and Rec!! And that lipstick is to die for. You and Fran can pull it off. I’m so scared….

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