January Favorites

My plan for 2015 is to blog more regularly here, whether or not anyone will ever read it or even care. 😀 Maybe once a month. At least. To follow through with that plan, I’m going to post monthly favorites. My faves could be anything from a song I’m addicted to at the moment, a new recipe/food, a product, TV show, etc. Seriously, if you know me at all, you already know the list of faves will be random. So let’s get going:

1. New favorite scent.


*huffs new Bath & Body Works fragrance* It smells soooooooooooooo good. I have some pretty serious allergy issues and a very sensitive schnoz. Most perfumes are a No Can Do for me, but over the years I’ve found I can wear almost anything from B&BW without getting a case of the sneezies. I change up my scents with the seasons, so this winter I am all about some Amber Blush. It’s rich and floral and just *takes a big whiff again* perfect. I passed by a co-worker wearing it in December and immediately stopped her with a scent quiz. (This could happen to you too. I am not shy about sniffing out a yummy fragrance and asking, “Who smells so good?!”)

2. Hydrating the epidermis.

photo (2)

Along with my sensitive nose, I have skin with an identity crisis. I’m oily, prone to hormonal breakouts, yet irrationally dry in the winter. Big fun! I’ve used the same moisturizer for years, but recently it was irritating my complexion and causing blemishes. A friend with similarly moody skin recommended Cetaphil. *choir of angels begins to sing* Where have you been all my life, Cetaphil? It calms the dry patchy redness, but doesn’t break me out. For the winter body, I like to mix coconut oil in with my B&BW lotion. The extra hydration is a must. At first you shine like greased pig, but the oil absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft and happy.

3. Peggy. Carter.


I was ready for this show 3 months ago. Marvel, a complex heroine, a post WWII setting, mentions of Steve Rogers and some ass kicking. YES PLEASE! This show has not disappointed. Agent Carter has all of the former mentioned qualities and then some! The unlikely but very charming Peggy & Jarvis duo, a budding case of besties with Angie, nefarious baddies with the cool gang name, Leviathan, AND hints at some Howling Commandos making an appearance. Oh and the hair, make-up and clothes? On point. Even the fellas. 

4. Work out song of the month.


Music is a must for my workouts. I lean toward fast paced pop music with the occasional hard rock or metal if I’m feeling grrr. This reggae pop tune with the horns and quirky beat tops my list right now. It’s different and fun, and makes me want to boogie on the elliptical machine.


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  1. Love this list–especially Agent Carter! Can she seriously be any more awesome? I’ll also have to try out the Cetaphil. Middle child has sensitive skin and it gets so dry in the winter…

    Looking forward to next month’s list!

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