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Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Tour, wherein authors share a little bit about their writing process, then tag three writer buddies to share some info about theirs.

Thanks go out to my critique partner, Jeanette Grey for tagging me.

About Jeanette Grey:

JeanetteGrey1024-199x300Jeanette Grey started out with degrees in physics and painting, which she dutifully applied to stunted careers in teaching, technical support, and advertising. When none of that panned out, she started writing. In her spare time, Jeanette enjoys making pottery, playing board games, and spending time with her husband and her pet frog.

Her novella, Take What You Want, is a 2014 RITA finalist. Her next releases is a male/male new adult contemporary romance called Get What You Need, and it releases July 15, 2014 from Samhain.

Read about JG’s writing process here.



My Writing Process:

What am I working on?

Right now I’m working on Book 2 of my “As yet to be given a kick-ass name, but I’m working on it” series. It’s a contemporary romance set in Charleston, SC. Hot and humorous with adventure and shenanigans on the side. I am in love with writing Sawyer and Meredith and I can’t wait to share their story.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think the difference in any story is the author’s voice and perspective. Even among my closest writer friends, you could give us all the same characters and prompt for writing 500 words, and they’d all be very different stories. My books always have a sense of humor that comes from the characters, but also real life grit. I like a dash of the eccentric or unique and lots of sexual tension. Love it!

Why do I write what I do?

I write romance because I love a happy ending. I need happy endings. Real life is hard, but no matter what my characters go through, I’ll give them the kind of HEA that isn’t always guaranteed in our real world.

How does my writing process work?

Characters always come to me first. These people bloom in my brain and start to jabber about their feelings, what they’ve been through, etc. I flesh them out as much as I can before I need them to have a plot line. I develop the plot to challenge the characters. I’m what they call a Plotser. Half plotter, half pantser. I have a basic outline I use, but there’s A LOT of room for improv. If I over plot, I lose motivation when it’s time to draft. If I under plot, I get lost as hell and hit a dead end. It’s a delicate balance. 🙂

Up Next On The Tour:

Elizabeth Michels


 Elizabeth Michels grew up on a Christmas tree farm in rural South Carolina. After tip-toeing her way through school with her focus on ballet steps and her nose in a book, she met a boy and followed him a thousand miles away from home to Kansas City, Missouri. They spent their summers visiting his family in Middlesbrough, England soaking up culture and history.  Elizabeth attended Park University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Interior Design.


Elizabeth now spends her days creating plots and concocting characters. When she is not typing as fast as human movement will allow, she is caring for her husband and now 5 year-old boy. Elizabeth Michels is a lover of happily-ever-afters; whether in her writing life or in her home life, she spends her days with one word on her lips: love.  She invites you to read her stories, get lost
and enjoy.

Frances Fowlkes


After viewing her all-time favorite love story, “Anne of Green Gables”, at the impressionable age of ten, Frances Fowlkes has been obsessed with affable boy-next door heroes, red-heads, and romance stories with lots of “highfaluting mumbo jumbo” written within their pages. It only seems natural then that she married the boy who used to pull on her curls in her high school English class, had not one, but THREE red-headed boys, and penned multiple love stories with bits of flowery prose. When not writing, Frances loves spending time with her family, playing with makeup, and planning her next vacation.Frances Fowlkes, originally a northern mid-westerner, now lives in the southeast with her ardent hero of a husband, three playful and rambunctious boys, and one spoiled standard poodle. A self-professed Anglophile and summa cum laude graduate of LeTourneau University, Frances Fowlkes combines her passion for happily-ever-afters with her interests in both American and English histories.Frances is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America. She is the second place winner of the historical category of both the 2011 Put Your Heart in a Book Contest and the 2012 Maggie’s Contest, a finalist in the 2013 Royal Ascot Contest, the second runner-up in the 2013 Marlene Contest, and the first place winner of the 2013 Golden Claddagh Contest. Her first book, “The Duke’s Obsession” is due out in 2014 by Entangled Publishing.
Jessica Lee

AuthorphotoJessicaLeeAlmost every author’s bio states they’ve been writing since they learned how to read. It’s what they’ve always wanted to do. Well, my journey wasn’t so straight and narrow. I was a nurse for over twenty years and hold a bachelor’s degree in science with a major in biology. So as you can see, my career path had originally gone in the opposite direction. I didn’t discover my passion for the craft until after I’d had my son and decided to work part-time.

I’ve always loved to read but had never read a paranormal romance. Then one night at work on break, I began reading Karen Marie Moning’s Spell of the Highlander. I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing, and I immediately fell in love with the genre.

I wanted to write like that. I wanted to create worlds where others could find the same escape and fascination I did when I read my first sensual paranormal romance.

And I hope that’s what I’ve accomplished in my work. Please dive in, hold on tight, and enjoy the adventure. Just be careful in the dark—you might find more than you expected waiting for you there.

Jessica Lee lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. She loves writing and can’t wait for that quiet time each day when her son is in school, and she can get lost in another place and world with the fantastical, sexy creatures in her head.

She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, FF&P, and Carolina Romance Writers.

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