Can It Be Spring Now?

How about now???

If you’re anything like me, you are done with winter. What dances on the horizon are my three favorite seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Yeah, anything but winter.

Longer days and mild nights, daffodils and forsythia blooming in my yard, short sleeve shirts and *gasp* maybe even shorts. The pool will open up in two months!

Spring means…


 I wish that was my yard, but you get the idea. I’ll be playing outside every weekend. Sometimes with laptop in hand, other times with a toy dumptruck and a fistfull of mud. 

Because of that, spring also means…


I suffer from wicked allergies, but monthly shots and one of these bbs every day, fixes me right up.

The warmer weather means…

spring dresses

I love pretty dresses, and spring and summer have the best. Spring wardrobe is also the perfect excuse to go shopping.

This season also means…

bday cake

Yep, I’m a spring baby. Taurus to be exact. I always take a few days off work around my birthday for some ME time. If you’re a working mom and author, you don’t get any ME time unless you take it. Sometimes by force. 🙂


movie theater

Finally, spring means mooooooooooooovies. Most of the year’s big movies start rolling out in April and May. The indies, the blockbusters, the action and drama. I’m a HUGE movie buff and this is my season. Marvel Movie Madness anyone???

What does spring mean to you?

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