Writers’ Retreat

When you’re a full time working mom and author, sometimes you need a break. A friggin’ break. Often this comes in the form of a getaway with my girlfriends. Most recently it was an escape to the lake with my writer gal pals, the Badgirlz. I took two days off of work so I could enjoy a four day weekend of sleeping in, eating out, writing in peace and quiet, and most importantly: talking writer shop.

I love to talk writing. I need to talk writing. Outside of talking about the business of books for 12 out 24 hours each day, we also got in some boating, drinking, LOTS of laughing, and one sighting of a sombrero on wheels. Ole!

JG, EMichels, McGovy, and JennaP…in shades
Happy Hour by the Lake. It sure doesn’t suck and yes, there were chips.
IDEK, but I told you! Sombrero on wheels. Aka: Jose Taco!
When I took a break from writing my next two novels,
James TiBearius Kirk worked on his Captain’s Log.
(is he not the cutest Starfleet bear ever?!!)

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