Writers Need QT too!

Yesterday was our monthly writers meeting. Time to gather with our people, our tribe, and discuss things that only other writers care about and understand.  Oh yes, and time for mimosas! It was a fabulous meeting with guest speakers Martin Biro, an editor at Kensington, and my M Shelf partner, Elizabeth Michels. I won’t be able to make another meeting until August (in which myself and EMichels teach everyone how to rip their characters’ hearts out by making the Big Black Moment blacker), but I will be attending a little thing we call the CRW Retreat in May. It promises to be informative and, as always, a hootananny!

Slainte bbs!

mcgovy emichels mimosa

Me and EMichels and mimosas

badgirlz 1

The Badgirlz

(L to R: Lori Waters, Darcy Drake, Elizabeth Michels, Jenna Patrick, Sydney Carroll, and Heather McGovern)

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